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Emergency Response

An effective emergency response company must be well-equipped, trained and experienced to manage the unexpected – qualities that are developed through time and hard work. With years of emergency response experience, Raider Environmental Services has created a reputation for immediate, effective solutions in all types of emergency situations, particularly oil and hazmat spills, on waterways, roads and airport facilities. We are fully mobile and ready to respond to any emergency. Our team is highly qualified, having undergone extensive equipment and response training in petroleum and hazmat spills.

Raider Environmental Services’ Emergency Response Team is standing by, 24-7.

Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance

Raider Environmental Services understands that time is money when your facility requires environmental or industrial cleaning maintenance. We have the personnel, equipment and safety record to get your job done beyond your expectation and on schedule.

We can convey virtually any type of material or waste pneumatically, with our industrial cleaning vacuum equipment, including dry, liquid or sludge type materials. We also have the capability to efficiently and safely transfer, contain and transport low flashpoint materials in our vacuum trucks and tankers.

We will properly identify and profile all wastes for transport and disposal and provide our customer with proper documentation, ensuring complete disposal and compliance with regulatory agencies.

High pressure water cleaning referred to as hydro blasting, is another of Raider Environmental Services’ specialties – a speedy and economical method of cleaning most surfaces, process equipment and containment.

Raider environmental is just as experienced and qualified for industrial pipe cleaning assignments with the use of high pressure water jets. Our water jetting service is an effective and economical way to clean industrial sewers and process pipelines.

Wastewater treatment

Protecting the environment and ensuring quality compliance with all regulatory agencies is a trademark of Raider Environmental Services. Our brand new waste pre-treatment facility (cfr 403) – the newest facility of its type in Florida – is “state of the industry.” Located in Opa Locka, Florida, the facility features a permitted allocation to clean 50,000 gallons of water per day of non-hazardous streams resulting from regular manufacturing processes, industrial cleaning and emergency response clean up.

Using advanced mechanical and chemical technologies in our uniquely engineered flow process, we have the ability to clean numerous kinds of contaminants while meeting our legal discharge parameters to sanitary sewers, recycled petroleum products and stabilizing sludge for disposal at local landfills.

With over a quarter million gallons of available tankage and our large fleet of vacuum trucks, tank trailers and tractors, we are available to collect and transport contaminated water from anywhere in Florida and handle the largest spoil or cleaning project.

Hazardous Waste Management

At Raider Environmental Services, we understand the importance of proper hazardous waste management. We know of the potential liability inherent in its collection, transportation and disposal. We are also aware of how confusing government regulations can be. After all, we are the experts.

From properly identifying, classifying and profiling hazardous wastes to their eventual packaging and transportation, our trained professionals are available to assist you every step of the way. We will see to it that the project is finished the right way, the most economical way, and the safest way. We will coordinate the selection of the appropriate disposal site, obtain site approval and have your materials transported in strictest compliance with all relevant federal and state regulations.

Whether it is labeling or placarding, laboratory analysis or sophisticated extraction, our team of Haz/Mat and environmental experts have the equipment and knowledge you can depend on.

Petroleum Recovery

Raider Environmental Services is a Florida leader in the management of petroleum and petroleum contaminated waste streams. We offer our customers clean, safe and reliable collection services for virtually all petroleum wastes. Minimization of generator liability through beneficial recycling of reusable petroleum waste products is another aspect of our commitment to the customer and the environment.

Whether weekly used oil collections, the removal of used up absorbents or oil filter recycling, Raider Environmental Services has the program to fit your needs. Clean, economical and safe, our used oil professionals routinely manage the collection and recycling of millions of gallons each year of spent oils and fuels – and thousands of tons of used oil filters and used absorbent products – creating clean burning alternative fuels and recovering valuable metals for industry usage.

Contact us to design a customer collection program for your company that will be affordable and on a schedule convenient to you. Collections are available anywhere in Florida and our service intervals are weekly to monthly.

Sewer System Cleaning, Inspection and Maintenance

Our sewer cleaning and video inspection services offer numerous benefits for sanitary and storm sewer maintenance and emergencies. Our powerful equipment has superior capacities to clean long distances of virtually any diameter pipe at a faster rate than most. We can cut tree rots, mineral deposits, grease and other hard to remove debris with water pressure up to 10,000 psi without damaging the pipe.

Upon completion, Raider Environmental Services will provide the customer reports that summarize observations made during the cleaning process. This often produces valuable information that can make future maintenance decisions simple.

Our pipeline and sewer video inspection service is comprehensive and affordable. We have the ability to inspect pipes from three to 96 inches and up to 1,000 feet long. Once the video inspection is completed, we provide a detailed report and video documentation. The report includes graphic illustrations and true-to-scale drawings indicating all observations noted during the inspection. The video inspection includes a tape recording and/or digital recording on DVD.

Marine Services

From 50-foot pleasure crafts to 1,000-foot cruise ships, Raider Environmental Services specializes in dockside tank cleaning and sludge removal. We remove and transport oily bilge waters, bunker C and grey water for the maritime industry.

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